We are here to create a transformative impact by developing innovative & sustainable solutions on the complex issues faced by the government(s) through a more inclusive, accountable, progresssive and comprehensive process of decision making.
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About Us

Citizens Alliance (CA) is a team of distinguished professionals with diverse academic backgrounds who work towards improving governance in India by ensuring last-mile delivery of programs and effective community engagement. Citizens Alliance works with government(s), citizens groups and other stakeholders to encourage active participation of citizens at various stages of policy cycle through community led, tech enabled and sustainable solutions

Our Services

Citizens Alliance aims to create large-scale impact at the grassroots by improving last-mile delivery of programs and encouraging active participation of citizens at various stages of policy cycle – agenda setting, policy development, implementation and evaluation.

Analytics & Research

Data-backed analysis forms an important part of our projects at Citizens Alliance. Through an in-house team of experts, we conduct extensive primary and secondary data research for a thorough analysis using complex algorithms and models, before planning and implementation of our projects. We carry out policy and regulatory framework research in specific social development domains that we work in.


We believe that the best solutions involve the effective leverage of available technology. We invest heavily in the creation of web applications, survey tools & customized on-line dashboards for real time feedback. We also develop innovative technology solutions for community outreach & engagement.

Digital Media

With significant experience from past projects, we have developed capabilities in social media campaign design & execution, development of online communities, monitoring and analysis of social media using tools & algorithms

On-ground Execution at Scale

Large scale interventions need expert planning and efficient execution. At Citizens Alliance, we strive to create the maximum impact through optimum utilization of available resources. Our past projects have included campaigns run across more than 300 districts simultaneously

Our Past Work

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